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RSVP – AEM Seminar | Aug 15th 7am – 11:30am with Matt Baretich & Frank Painter

    Must be a member to attend Conference!

    AEM Cost Containment Forum sponsored by PartsSource: Join us for this workshop on how to build a successful AEM program. All AEM Cost Containment Forum sessions are pre-approved by the AAMI Credentials Institute for up to 4 CEUs. Attendees will gain in-depth insight into how their organizations can reduce PM program time, maintain compliance with TJC/CMS standards and optimize patient safety.

    • Review the new TJC standards on AEM
    • Get ideas about constructing an AEM policy with examples
    • Outline the approach used to review and document the decision-making process
    • Review a workbook, handouts and sample policies
    • Evaluate actual equipment for AEM inclusion

    Suggested attendees are Directors – Clinical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Supply Chain, HTM, Quality, IT, Facility Engineering and Safety.