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Women in HTM Spotlight – Minda Balongag

It’s time to start getting excited for our Women in HTM themed conference this year! We will be doing a “Woman in HTM Spotlight” once a month. This month’s spotlight is on Minda Balongag.

Minda has been with Northwest Community Hospital for one and a half years. She is a BMT II, with a main focus on Surgical Services.

When asked why she chose a career in healthcare, this was Minda’s response: “I was looking to change careers. I was a self-employed, real estate appraiser for over 10 years and wanted to get a job that had benefits, stability and regular hours. I have always been interested in the medical field and was looking for radiology tech programs. Unfortunately, they required you to be a full-time student for two years-with no job or distractions. I was not able to give that type of commitment because I had a mortgage to pay! So a friend of mine who is a radiology tech suggested I look at programs to work on the machines. So I did. I found a program at DeVry (which they have since stopped providing) and signed up for classes. It took 5 years going to classes during the day and evening while continuing to work as an appraiser, but I finally got my Bachelor’s degree. I interned with GE prior to graduation and was hired before the internship year was complete. I worked for GE for 3 years before coming to Sodexo to work at Northwest Community Hospital.”

We admire Minda for her perseverance and thank her for her hard work at Northwest Community!