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Women in HTM spotlight – Natalie Ritter

This month’s Women in HTM spotlight is on Natalie Ritter!

Natalie is a Biomed Tech II at Advocate Good Samaritan. In pursuit of a profession in the medical field that did not involve direct patient care, she ended up in HTM. “I knew electronics and working with technology engaged my interest. Being able to incorporate both working in the medical field and applying my enthusiasm of technology made a career in HTM the right for me,” said Ritter.

She goes on to say that her favorite aspect of her job is the variety of work she performs, which gives her great job satisfaction. “Aside from maintaining and repairing medical equipment, I’m involved in hospital projects, collaborating with other Biomed Techs on process improvement and resolving issues, hospital environment of care rounds and medical equipment end user education. I enjoy the challenges this career field offers,” she explains.
Thank you so much for your hard work, Natalie! Your love for this industry is inspiring.

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