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Pre Register CEAI 2019 Conference to Guarantee Meal

Plan to attend 2019 CEAI Conference on August 14th-15th, Oakbrook IL. Theme: "HTM around the globe and through the decades" Registrations are now open. CEAI is for everyone who works in healthcare technology management. No matter where you are in your career: a seasoned professional, student, or new to the HTM community. Learn from industry experts and thought leaders who will discuss every major issue facing the field. Network with other and sharing best practices to improve patient safety and control costs.


AEM Seminar RSVP | Aug 15th @ 7am | CEAI2019

CEAI’s membership is composed of clinical engineers, biomeds, managers, directors, consultants, and other individuals who maintain a focus on healthcare technology management and medical equipment maintenance and support. At our conference you will find Valuable programs, events and education sessions designed to help you improve your knowledge. Networking opportunities with other professionals to share best practices to improve patient safety and best practices.



Steve Campbell, AAMI’s COO

Steve Campbell, AAMI’s COO

Feb 28, 2016

The CEAI website is incredibly attractive, well-organized, and filled with helpful resources. You can find all the information you want quickly and easily. Simply put, it’s a 10!”